The Duchess of Malfi

John Webster

Alexander Laube (dir.)

Performed in EnglishSurtitled in French

The Duchess Of Malfi Poster

One of the greatest tragedies of English renaissance drama, first performed in 1613 and published in 1623, The Duchess of Malfi has shocked and inspired audiences and critics alike since then.

The play begins as a love story and finishes in cruel violence.

Centred on the story of the Duchess of Malfi’s secret marriage to her steward, Antonio, it follows the fortunes of all those characters caught up in the consequences.

Sexuality, cruelty, madness, the status of women and the drive to social advancement are some of the major themes of the play.

Webster’s verse has been admired by many, including T.S. Eliot ; quotations from the play, the characters and story have reappeared in other works, including those of P.D.James, Agatha Christie, and Anne Rice.

Fast moving, violent and funny, the Duchess of Malfi is a multi-layered experience for the senses and emotions.

poster by Karen David


  • Jessica Aigle Julia
  • Lysiane Cadeo Roderigo/Old Lady/Mad Astrologer
  • Haydn D’Arc Doctor
  • Elisa Dauvergne Cariola
  • Karen David Antonio
  • Annelise Dorel Pescara
  • Jez Fielder Ferdinand
  • Elizabeth Hewes Cardinal
  • Denise Johnston Duchess of Malfi
  • Charles Lasry Castruchio/Madhouse Guard/Executioner
  • Anna-Andrea Obé-Gervais Delio
  • Emma O’Sullivan Silvio/Malateste/Mad Woman
  • Robin Veale Bosola
  • Paul Woodley Mad Priest/Executioner


  • Seren Schirra & Jessica Aigle Costume
  • Qionghua Cai Communications
  • Marion Kezel Lights
  • Alexander Laube Director
  • Felix Laube Technical support
  • Sophie Raimondi Surtitles and Production Assistant

Acte 2 Theatre
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6/7/8/9/10 January 2020
20h00 – 22h30

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